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Cutech provides niche IT solutions to the industry with established products and custom built projects. The mobile applications based projects are in the rise and Cutech uses latest technologies to provide the solutions. GIS is another key area where Cutech provide specialised location based solutions along with GPS. Cutech also assists in automation solutions with embedded systems to improve productivity. 

cuteTrac - Fleet Management System to utilise your vehicles and equipments efficiently
cuteQM - Quality Manager System for all fabricators of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Ships, Structural Modules etc.
cuteOffice - Human Resource Management, E-Leave, Time Attendance, Purchasing, Enquiry, Projects etc are made easy.
cuteTrans - Run a logistics company with effective transportation management, courier automation with cuteWayBill, Warehouse management, POS management, cute Tasks Assignment to mobile force, Electronic Proof of Delivery etc.



cuteSafety is a Mobile App & Web based solution to report and capture safety related inspection, incident, near miss etc.


cuteFM is a snap & send solution for facility managers to manage defects with clear visibility.


cuteTrac is available under IMDA SME Go Digital Programme for Government subsidy.


Cutech releases cuteQM 4.2. Tanks Module is available now
cuteQM is no longer available under iSPRINT.

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